Careers-Guangzhou Eurolite Lighting Co., Ltd


Foreign sales (2 English, 2 Arabic, Spanish 2, Italian 2)
The content of the duty to respond to customer inquiries, quotations, processing orders, customer follow-up telephone, face-to-face customers, exhibition sales, after-sale follow-up. The office aims to develop customer acquisition orders.
The job requirements for
1) graduate, the recruitment of language listening, speaking, reading, writing and 4 in the level of outstanding ability.
2) highly responsible work attitude, patience and good communication between customers, potential customers have the patience to listen to and the corresponding demand.
3) have good communication skills, articulate their thoughts, good insight into each other's needs.
4) have to keep on learning.
5) not limited to men and women, are not limited experience.
6), who intends to first visit the company web page, and then use the drop in the English curriculum vitae.